Preventing Falls in the Home

Problem Statement

Falls among older adults cost the U.S. Healthcare System more than $28.2 billion annually.

With the growing number of seniors, the number of falls and the costs to treat injuries are expected to reach $54.9 billion in annual direct and indirect costs by 2020.

The Majority of these falls occur in the home. Prevent falls and stay safe by:

Maintaining Health & Wellness

  1. Review your medication and maintain annual Dr. visits
  2. Stay active and maintain coordination, agility and balance:

Community Programs: Matter of Balance, OASIS, Tai Chi

  1. Have your vision checked annually
  2. Have your home assessed by an Occupational Therapist or Nurse

Home Safety. Here are just a few ideas to decrease falls in the home:

Bathroom Safety:

  1. Install grab bars in the shower and by the toilet
  2. Use non-slip mats or self-stick strips in the tub
  3. Install an ADA taller commode

Increase lighting:

  1. Install automatic lighting or night lights to help with lighting at night
  2. Keep a flashlight by your bed

Keep walkways clear and safe:

  1. Remove throw rugs or use self-adhesive tape to keep ends down
  2. Remove electrical cords from pathways
  3. Keep toys or items clear from walkways

Maintain safety in the kitchen:

  1. Use energy conservation and use stools when necessary to sit and rest
  2. Keep all items within reach to avoid step-ladders or bending down
  3. Use reachers and assistive devices to help reach items when needed


  1. Install a handrail or a ramp at any steps
  2. Create a safe walkway to avoid uneven paths

For more information and a free Home Safety Assessment by an Occupational Therapist, please contact Lizette Davis, OTR at (210)414-5600.

Submitted By: AccessAbility Home Modifications

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