Getting and Using the Right Medical Equipment

According to the latest data from our local civilian Level 1 Trauma Center, falls are the number one cause of injury to persons of ANY age group in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. Seniors have the advantage for prevention. Using the right medical equipment, or having grab bars installed in your home, can work wonders...
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Preventing Falls in the Home

Problem Statement Falls among older adults cost the U.S. Healthcare System more than $28.2 billion annually. With the growing number of seniors, the number of falls and the costs to treat injuries are expected to reach $54.9 billion in annual direct and indirect costs by 2020. The Majority of these falls occur in the home. Prevent falls...
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Time to Cherish Our Elders

As more people than ever before reach and surpass the age of 65, more needs to be done to dispel the misconceptions about older adults. It is important to foster a greater appreciation among younger generations for their wisdom and knowledge which seniors have to offer the rest of us. In her book “60 On...
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