How to Help Your Loved One

Allow them to talk. Listen without judgment. Acknowledge and validate their feelings, and let them express their feelings in many ways. Avoid taking any negative feelings personally. Let them have control over their situation as much as possible. Include them in decision-making and discussions. Let them do as much as they want and have...
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Veterans Aid & Attendance Overview

Are you a veteran burdened by the high cost of long-term care? Paying for assisted living facilities, adult daycare or skilled nursing can be an expensive endeavor. The Veterans Aid and Attendance benefit could provide some assistance. Wartime veterans or their surviving spouse with a limited income may be eligible to receive a pension. There...
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Retail Savings Guide for Baby Boomers

Link to website: When Do You Become a “Senior Citizen”? George and Carla were amazed when they opened the letter from the AARP. It told them they were now eligible for benefits. George had just turned 50, but he was healthy and still working. Carla was still just 48. Retirement was something they were looking forward to, but...
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