Is a Homecare Company Right for You?

If you are thinking of bringing in outside help for assistance with you or your loved ones’ daily living needs, you should consider the option of using a homecare company. A reputable homecare company will meet with you to assess your needs and to work on creating a schedule for care. Additionally, they will discuss...
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Assistance for Veterans

If you are a veteran facing the high cost of long-term care, the Veterans Aid and Attendance program could provide assistance. Paying for assisted living facilities, adult daycare or skilled nursing, can be a costly experience. Veterans or their surviving spouse with a limited income may be eligible to receive relief. There are three levels...
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Winning the War Against Diabetes

By: Dr. Vladimir Diaz “Why is my blood glucose high in the morning?” People with diabetes may have a morning high glucose once in a while, but if it is consistently high, then they need to consult their doctor regarding their medications. Some cases of a morning high glucose may be due to hormones that are...
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