To Move or Not To Move

You bought your perfect home while in the prime of your life, raised your family there, and finally retired. Suddenly, due to health changes, you find that you can’t manage that second story climb to the bedrooms, the step over the side of the tub becomes dangerous, and even the 4 inch step out your front door...
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Suggestions to Consider For An Emergency Room Visit

The Emergency Department deals efficiently with sudden health problems. However, it can be a hazardous place if you are not well-equipped, informed, and prepared. You and your family should be active participants in your care to ensure a positive experience. The following are steps that can be taken to help improve your outcomes:...
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Home Improvements on a Budget

Having you been putting off a home renovation project?  Whether you are planning a small update to a room or a complete overhaul, here are some tips to help you stick to a budget....
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