Assisted Living…Choosing Between A Large or Small Facility?

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility isn't a one step process. There are many questions and observations that need to be made. The size of the facility is most critical. Generally, the smaller the care center, the greater the attention level. So look closely at the staff to patient ratio. If most residents need a lot...
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The Flu and Senior Citizens

The flu is seen as a very contagious respiratory condition caused by a flu virus. The flu season can start as early as September and continue through as long as May. The virus is easily spread from person to person through sneezing or coughing and inhaling the droplets or when touching a contaminated surface or...
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Boundaries: Setting them and Implementing Them

More than ever multi-generations are living together. Not since the Great Depression and World Wars has this happened. Why? We only have to look at our economy, the cost of living, Baby Boomers, and the cultural changes in our society. We live in a much di­fferent world than our fore fathers. ...
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