25 Worst Passwords

You are shopping online. You discover a new website and find something you can’t live without. In order to buy, you must first set up an account with a user name and password. You go with your old reliable password. Don’t do it. Research shows that password is the most common password, followed closely by 123456 or 12345678 when necessary. Common passwords translate...
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Can Laughter Prevent A Heart Attack?

According to recent research studies, laughing everyday can help prevent a heart attack. During the past 40 years many studies have been done on different personality types and the correlation of increased risk of heart disease.  Those with increased anger and hostility have higher rates of heart disease.  Is it plausible that the opposite might...
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Don’t Let Your Wishes Go Unheard

An advance directive is a living will that allows for the documentation of specific wishes concerning medical treatments for the future. Having an advance directive helps patients and their loved ones 1) protect their right to make their own decisions, 2) direct how specific care and 3) document care preferences, helping avoid unwanted treatments that...
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