Keeping a Fall-Free Home

Limited mobility and slow reflexes are common in seniors, leading to falls, and many end up in the emergency room or hospital. The quickest way to reduce the risk of falls is to take a closer look at the surroundings. Let there be light. Dim lighting can lead to tripping or bumping into things. Replace light...
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An Investor’s Checklist That Is Not a New Year’s Cliché

2014 is so new that “2013” is still being written on checks, so naturally the air remains filled with dubious New Year’s resolutions. One exception for investors is the American Savings Education Council's (ASEC) matter-of-fact checklist on saving for retirement and other financial concerns you might not be spending enough time thinking about. Here are...
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When is the Best Time to Move Mom or Dad?

In today’s busy world it’s hard to take care of yourself and a family, let alone add an elderly loved one. All families have to deal with this question sooner or later.   It could be a parent or any member of the family, but the signs seem to be the same. Look at their living...
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