Shoulder Pain: Common Causes and Cures

October 9, 2017

Of the aches and pains that inevitably cloud the senior years, those affecting the shoulder can be the most frustrating. In this article, we will discuss how to know if your pain is really coming from the shoulder, the most common causes of shoulder pain in seniors, and some of the ways shoulder pain can be successfully treated.

The common shoulder problems that we discuss in this article usually cause sharp or aching pains that are felt in the areas directly around the shoulder joint. Typical symptoms include pain at night, pain raising the arm, pain reaching around the back, weakness in lifting with the arm extended, and difficulty with arm exercises or throwing. Warning signs of a condition that can mimic a shoulder problem (particularly a neck problem) include pain located around the shoulder blade muscles (the muscles between the shoulder joint and the neck), pain shooting through the whole arm, burning pain, and hand weakness or numbness.

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