Are You Ready to Deal With the House?

When it comes to selling a property, if proper documents are not in place, it can make the process much more complicated and time consuming.  Did you know that if one spouse passes without a will, only half of the property passes to the other spouse?  The surviving spouse can live in the house, but...
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Tips to Protect You from Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft

PREVENTION Don’t carry your Social Security card or any documents that include your Social Security number (SSN). Don’t give a business your SSN just because they ask. Give it only when required. Check your credit report every 12 months. Review bank and credit card statements carefully and often. Know payment due dates. Follow up on bills that never arrive. Protect your...
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Importance of Blood Monitoring

Blood thinners, otherwise known as anticoagulants, are commonly prescribed for patients who are at risk for developing harmful blood clots, especially after surgery. Blood thinners may be a necessary part of your medication routine, and it is imperative that you follow your physician’s instructions. Lovenox, Coumadin, and Xarelto are a few of the most commonly...
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