How Is Your Sense of Taste and Smell?

Did you know that by about age sixty, even healthy people begin to experience a modest decline in taste and more dramatic declines in smell? While as we age physicians will generally test for vision and hearing loss, taste appears to be the greatest untreated sensory loss. Food is one of the main pleasures and requirements...
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Selecting the Right Caregiver

When your loved ones start struggling with everyday tasks, hiring a home care aide can help them remain in their home -- and take some pressure off of the rest of the family. There are many qualities and quali­fications that you may want to consider when selecting your caregiver. Believe it or not, selecting the...
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The Benefits of Everyday Activities

It is important to remember that those living with memory loss due to Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia do not need to give up beloved activities. Instead, finding a way to modify past hobbies and engaging in stimulating activities can help in many ways. While many senior communities have activities departments in place, it...
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