The Caregiver Journey

The caregiving journey can start abruptly with the onset of a serious health condition or it might start with the occurrence of an unexpected heart attack or stroke.  The need for care can also begin when a person experiences slight limitations associated with the normal aging process.  In any case, caregivers face a number of...
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The Dangers of Social Isolation

Lonely feelings can strike anyone, at any life stage. Social isolation, however, is more than shyness or a tendency toward introversion; it is a state of collapsing social networks and connections. It is a spiral of sorts, which, if left unchecked, can jettison one into anti-social patterns and shrinking social networks, leaving seniors, in particular,...
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A Quick Reference Guide to Post Acute Care Across the Continuum

Every year, more than 34 million patients are discharged from inpatient hospital care. For many of these patients a quick recovery is impossible. They require specialized medical and rehabilitative care after a short stay in a traditional hospital. The goal of post acute care is to provide recovery, help patients regain function and ensure an...
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