Caring For a Loved-One Long Distance

long distance caringThe client’s services representative or administrator of the agency should be someone you can count on to keep you informed via email or phone regarding your loved one’s well being. That person should also be willing make frequent unannounced visits to make sure that everything is running smoothly. It is important to have meetings when relatives are in town with the client, the family, and the agency’s representative to make sure that the client’s needs are being met and to document any changes that need to take place in the care plan.

The care plan should include coordinating with any other agencies that are coming to the home such as a home healthcare agency that might provide a nurse who stops by on a regular basis to monitor a particular health condition or clients who are home bound and on a home visitation program where the physician and nurse come to the client’s home. The agency providing the regular caregivers should have a good relationship with everyone involved in the client’s care in order to provide the best care possible.

A good agency would always want at least one in town contact to call. That person could be a family friend, a neighbor, clergy or an attorney, someone that knows the client and could, if necessary, lend support. The more people involved in a senior’s care, the better. Everyone can miss a sign or a symptom, which is why it is valuable to have variety of interested and involved family, friends and professionals.

Using a computer can also be useful in terms of staying in touch. This allows the family to be actively involved with their loved one. A caregiver can assist the client with getting online for video visits as well as viewing recent photos, watching special family events even watching the event as it happens. Frequently staying in touch online keeps everyone in the loop and your senior loved one from feeling isolated.

It is important to remember to make sure that the agency you use always has all your contact information home phone, work phone, cell phone, and email address. Be sure to let the agency know whom to call first and the best number.

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