Who Needs An Elder Law Attorney?

“Elder Law” is defined by the type of client, rather than a type of law. Elder Law attorneys focus on issues that affect the aging population, including, Estate Planning, Public Benefits, Guardianship, and Probate/Estate Administration.

Estate Planning: Everyone should plan for the future, regardless of their income or asset level. A comprehensive estate plan includes several documents that together ensure your wishes are followed and people are in place to assist you if you are no longer able to act.

  • A Will declares your intentions regarding the distribution of your property after you die.
  • A Durable Power of Attorney appoints an agent to act on your behalf regarding financial and legal matters.
  • A Medical Power of Attorney appoints an agent to make health care decisions for you, if you are unable to do so yourself.
  • A HIPAA Release and Authorization names individuals who may access your health information.
  • A Directive to Physicians (Living Will) provides direction to your agent under the medical power of attorney regarding your desires about life-sustaining treatment.
  • A Declaration of Guardian names individuals you trust to be appointed your guardian, if necessary, as well as individuals who should never be appointed.

Public Benefits (Medicaid/VA): Available healthcare choices depend on your specific situation and needs. Elder Law attorneys can help you ensure the proper level of care, and explore payment options and eligibility for public benefits.

Guardianship: If you become unable to make important decisions for yourself, or are subject to exploitation by unscrupulous people, it may be necessary for a court to appoint a guardian. Elder Law attorneys can help you determine if a guardianship is necessary or whether other alternatives are available.

Probate/Estate Administration: After the death of a loved one, the legalities involved in distributing the estate can seem overwhelming. If title to assets needs to be transferred, a probate court proceeding will usually be required. The type of proceeding depends on whether a Will exists, the details of its terms, the existence of debts, and the value of the estate. Elder Law attorneys can help you understand your options.

Elder Law attorneys specialize in helping seniors and their families address legal issues related to their financial and medical care. Because of their concentration in this area, attorneys whose sole focus is Elder Law are more likely to have the legal tools and techniques necessary to meet the objectives of an older client.

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