10 Tips for Maintaining Your Brain

Most of us know the importance of regular exercise to keep the body fit, but how many can say we put equal emphasis on exercising our brains? “It’s more important than you think,” said Beverly Sanborn, LCSW, gerontologist and Belmont Village VP of programs. “Just as we build muscle strength to keep our bodies fit, we...
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Why Don’t People Treat Their Hearing Loss?

By Dr. Jill Copley, Board Certified Doctor of Audiology and Owner of Total Hearing Care Hearing loss is one of the top health conditions in the world. Some hearing loss is caused by a medical condition, such as an ear infection, and can be treated by a physician through medication or surgery. However, a majority of...
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The Benefits of Socialization

Where do an active lifestyle and good health intersect? Social life is important at any age, but for seniors who are retired and at risk of becoming isolated, a strong network of social support is crucial for maintaining overall quality of life. Experts agree that social activity for seniors has a number of physical, mental and...
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