Why You Need a Specialist

Are you missing any teeth? Removable dentures or bridgework giving you problems? Unable to eat the foods you want? The solution may be easier than you think. When you decide to take the first step towards your new smile, you need to find a specialist. Look for a doctor who is a board certified prosthodontist and...
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When is Aging in Place a Practical Idea for Seniors?

In 2015 AARP found that 90% of seniors want to stay in their home, and do so for many years. However, with a catastrophic event like a serious fall, onset of dementia, and inability to perform activities of daily living, seniors are more realistic about the need for long-range planning. Often the demands of maintaining...
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Diabetes Connection to Hearing Loss

Greater emphasis is being placed on hearing health in 2017. Diabetes is known to cause damage to the circulatory system. What people might not know is that the same glucose overload that destroys vision and kidney’s, also diminishes hearing. According to a study conducted by researches with the National Institute of Health, some forms of...
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