Aging with Dignity Through Hospice Care

Hospice care is not about the end. It’s about life. It’s about aging with dignity and spending the time remaining where you are most comfortable, with those you love around you. Quality time with loved ones is always the ultimate goal of hospice; the ability to live the time remaining on your own terms in...
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What Are You Forgetting?

Most of us have moments when we struggle to remember. It’s not unusual to worry, or to be concerned when a family member is grappling with memory issues, but lots of things can make you forgetful. Stress and multi-tasking are major culprits. Research has also shown that sheer volume of information attained over a lifetime...
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Top Technologies for Mature Drivers: Consumer Insights

Technology is advancing quickly, requiring drivers of all ages to essentially change their routine and “re-learn” how to drive safely. New features may enhance safety, comfort and improve confidence for mature drivers behind the wheel. As a follow up to The Hartford Center for Mature Market ExcellenceSM and the MIT AgeLab’s study on Top Technologies for...
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