Choosing Private Care

As an alternative to nursing homes and extended hospital stays, Private Care empowers individuals to age, or recover from an injury or illness, where they are most comfortable – at home. Most Private Care providers offer services personalized to meet your individual needs and preferences, such as medication management, bathing assistance, dementia care, housekeeping and...
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A Little Known Fact: Most Insurance Plans Cover Chiropractic Care

When you visit your doctor of chiropractic, feel free to have your insurance card ready. About 30 million Americans seek chiropractic care annually, and apparently not all of them know their visits are routinely covered by major medical insurance carriers, Medicare, workers’ compensation, and even some Medicaid plans. Part of the increased availability is a result...
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Investor Alert: Pension Advance Scams

If you are receiving regular payments from your pension, keep an eye out for sales pitches that ask you to trade the stability of those payments for the opportunity to make a quick buck. The come-on will probably be as subtle as a used-car ad: Are you earning a pension from your former employer and need...
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