Caring for Dementia Patients

My understanding of the reality faced by caregivers came in an unexpected fashion during a routine office visit by one of my diabetic patients.  Seeing him and his wife was always a pleasure since they were both so bright and cheerful.  His diabetes was easily managed, but one day asking a routine question, “Is there...
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Incontinence: This Condition Affects Nearly 25 Million Americans

These days, people are living longer and the quality of life they expect has increased.  Staying fit and healthy is easier than ever before. There is more information available regarding health conditions, nutrition, medications, and daily living aids.  Some health conditions once thought as being too taboo to discuss with friends or in public, such...
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What is a Residential or Personal Care Home?

A Residential Care Home is a house in a regular neighborhood, which has been modified with safety devices to meet state regulations. Please be aware that not all residential care homes are licensed by the state. A Residential Care Home will have fewer people in the environment, resulting in a more tranquil setting.  And even more importantly,...
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