Transportation for Seniors

October 5, 2015

One of the main challenges for seniors is transportation. A recent poll found 25% of seniors living in their own homes listed transportation as their number one need. Seniors often need transportation assistance with basic necessities such as getting to doctors’ appointments, getting medicines from the pharmacy, going grocery shopping, clothes shopping, etc. Many seniors cannot, without assistance, visit friends or family members, go to hair salons, parks, museums, senior centers, concerts, church services, community gatherings, art shows, farmers markets etc. The list is almost endless.

Active seniors have better mental and physical health than those not as active. Outdoor activities involve beneficial physical and mental exercise. This helps seniors stay stronger, younger, and their mental sharpness is enhanced by experiencing new and different activities. If transportation is a challenge for seniors there are many options available, including public transportation provided by some towns and cities. There are also private transportation options, including home personal care agencies, which can provide caregivers and transportation for seniors who need this service.

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