Person Centered Care

November 23, 2015
sonoma house women

The core principals of Person Centered Care (PCC) includes assurance of choice, dignity, respect and independence.  At the heart of PCC is the idea of choice, and that every person deserves to make their own choices. For some, this may mean sleeping in late. This may seem like a simple choice, but for many elders it’s not that simple. For years traditional large facilities have been based on a model of care that is focused on task-oriented efficiency. Staff duties often come before elders’ choices. PCC rebalances those work priorities to focus on the elder rather than the tasks to be accomplished.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the Small House concept. Small House has been pioneered alongside PCC to allow one-on-one, reciprocal relationships between resident and caregiver based on a resident’s needs, not on accomplishing duties or tasks. While one-on-one contact is desired in the large facilities, the caregiver-to-resident ratio doesn’t allow for prolonged direct contact. In Small House there are only 6 to 16 residents, and it is about the care the resident receives, not about the task of giving care. Instead of following strict schedules, which are needed for larger numbers of residents, this concept gives more freedom of choice. The bottom line is that Small House and Person-Centered Care promote better health and independence in an environment that is like home.

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