Where to Live with Alzheimer’s

Someone with dementia can no longer live at home when 1) they are a danger to themselves because they wander, can’t take medications safely, or are prone to dangerous activities like leaving the stove on; 2) when they would be healthier by receiving better nutrition, mental stimulus or consistent medications; or 3) when there are caregiver problems such as caregiver burnout. What are the next options?

Dedicated Memory Care (MC) communities are generally the best option since their doors are secure and feature good caregiver-to-resident ratios (generally around 8:1). The cost starts around $4,000 per month for a shared room and $5,200 for a private room.

Assisted Living (AL) communities can handle the needs of residents with dementia, but are rarely secure. The cost can be less than MC communities, but that depends on care needs. Caregiver ratios may be around 12:1.

Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) are appropriate for Medicaid residents with dementia. SNFs are more institutional, and not as nurturing as AL or MC communities. Caregiver ratios frequently are 16:1.

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