What’s Good for the Heart is Good for the Mind!

By Barbara Fitzpatrick, MBA, Certified Personal Trainer

When I’m not training clients or working out myself, one of my favorite things to do is read up-to-date articles about exercise and its many amazing health benefits. As I was nearing the end of a trip to HEB a few months ago, my cart full of vibrantly-colored fruits and vegetables to nourish my plant-based lifestyle (a topic for a future article), I made my usual visit to the magazine aisle, scanning the offerings for a topic that might catch my eye. There it was: Scientific American Mind (Jan/Feb 2017) with the cover story, “Head Strong,” an article about why exercise may be the best fix for depression. I added the magazine to my cart and couldn’t wait to dig in.

The article reported that many studies confirm that exercise can “combat depression in a number of ways: by strengthening our biochemical resilience to stress, encouraging the growth of new brain cells, bolstering self-esteem and possibly even counterbalancing an underlying genetic risk for mental illness.” Multiple researchers concluded that “exercise, especially moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise under professional supervision, is indeed a potent treatment for depression.” In addition, it states that “physical inactivity, while sometimes the result of depression, may also be a major risk factor for subsequently developing it.”

It is well known that consistent exercise offers an abundance of physical benefits. Now there is scientific evidence to show that it can very positively impact our mental and emotional well-being, too. Wow!

Jabr, Ferris. “Head Strong.” Scientific American Mind Jan/Feb 2017: 26-31.

Submitted By: Barbara Fitzpatrick, MBA, Certified Personal Trainer
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