Where Are The Medicare/Medicaid Providers?

Publisher’s Note: At Texas Seniors’ Guides, we receive many calls from seniors having issues finding doctors that will take new medicare patients. We finally decided to write this in hopes that it can, at least, help some that are searching. This article has been updated with the latest list of doctors as posted on the Texas Medical Board web site.

Texas Medicare and Medicaid patients are finding it increasingly difficult to find a doctor in their area that will accept new patients with Medicare or Medicaid. There continues to be an increase in doctors that are refusing to accept new Medicare patients and this trend is likely to continue.

According to Kaiser Health News, Thomas Saving, director of the Private Enterprise Research Center at Texas A&M University states, “By the end of this decade, Medicare will pay physicians and hospitals less than Medicaid does, Saving forecasts. Already, Medicaid pays medical providers only about 80 percent of what private insurers pay, and Medicare will fall significantly below that, Saving reports.”

So, how can Medicare/Medicaid patients find a doctor that will accept them? For the time being, the only place that this author has found any kind of list of doctors that will accept Medicare/Medicaid is on the Texas Medical Board’s web site. They have a list of doctors that have recently applied for or renewed their medical license, and these “Physicians Agreed to Treat Medicare/Medicaid Patients in Exchange for Priority Handling of Their Licensure Applications” according the web site.

You can find these lists at the following links:

Texas Medical Board’s Medicare/Medicaid Lists

While this may not be an exhaustive list of all of the doctors taking Medicare patients, it certainly is a start for those having a hard time finding a doctor.