Medical Equipment Lending Program

Drive a Senior offers rides to senior citizens in Round Rock, Pflugerville and north Austin who have no transportation. Ollie’s Closet, named after longtime volunteer Ollie Leppin, will now be the official home of an informal lending project that has been going on for several years.

For many years, Leppin has been collecting donated medical equipment to lend to those in need, keeping it in his own home. But now the program has begun to need more space.
“Ollie is a volunteer that’s been with the Drive a Senior program for 20 years,” said Executive Director Serita Lacasse. “I can’t say enough about Ollie. “He’s done this as a [personal] passion.… He goes the extra mile for anybody who calls him. He loves to help people. We could never replace him.”
Ollie’s Closet has a variety of items available for those in need. “Walkers, crutches, canes — anything you need for mobility, we loan it out,” Lacasse said.
The new Ollie’s Closet is not very big, but it will house a great variety of necessary items. Currently, Ella Fisher, a local Girl Scout working toward a Gold Award, is inventorying the items and attaching bar codes for them.
The new building for the program was funded by a $14,750 grant from the St. David’s Foundation. Michael Wilson, the foundation’s program officer on healthy aging, said the organization was impressed by the program’s potential economic, health and personal impact. “We realized the impact of the development of that program and the role that a durable medical equipment-type program can have for the people in the surrounding area,” Wilson said. “This is just a smart investment to make, because of the connection of the volunteers to the seniors in need.”
There are no specific qualifications for borrowing a piece of equipment from Ollie’s Closet, Lacasse said. “People who [borrow] the equipment can keep it as long as they want — if they need it, they can use it,” she said. “It’s open to anybody, any age. You don’t really have to qualify. You just call us if you have a need.”
Submitted by: Drive A Senior
Phone number: 512-310-1060
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