Early Signs of Memory Loss

When a change in the mental status of a loved one occurs, it is frightening and difficult for the whole family.

Early signs of memory loss include activities that require “executive functioning”, such as balancing a checkbook, keeping up with medical appointments and paying bills. As the disease progresses, there are changes in ability that impact everyday living. Not remembering to take a bath or forgetting to turn off the oven are common examples. A loved one may get lost driving or be found driving on the wrong side of the road. There might be wandering outside without awareness of danger. Safety is often a major concern. Dementia can cause personality changes as well, including aggressive actions. Your loved one may not be able to separate the past from the present, or not be able to separate imagination from reality. They may or may not recognize you any longer. These changes are scary.

Caring for a loved one with memory loss can be taxing on the family, despite your best efforts and intentions. You may find that a loved one is no longer safe in his or her current setting. Progressive care needs can be extremely difficult to accommodate in the home.

The physical structure and programming of Buckner Villas’ Memory Care is designed to enhance everyday life for each resident and their family. As a Certified Alzheimer’s Care community, our caring and specially trained staff are here to provide techniques specific to working with seniors exhibiting memory issues. Your loved one is our priority. Call (512) 836-1515.

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