Alzheimer’s: A Journey for The Person Diagnosed and the Caregiver

Every 67 seconds someone in America is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s—a disease that affects the brain and is the most common form of dementia. Without a cure or further progress on slowing the disease process, it is estimated that in 2050 there will be up to 16 million with Alzheimer’s—more than triple the total today.

While this challenging illness is incredibly difficult and costly for the individual who is diagnosed, the caregiver who works tirelessly on behalf of their loved one is frequently overlooked. Initially, their work is often to compensate and cover early symptoms to protect and avoid embarrassment.

Later, the caregiver’s work evolves into performing basic tasks of daily living and ensuring safety for the person with Alzheimer’s who has now forgotten how to brush their teeth, becomes lost in public places and eventually does not recognize themselves or those closest to them. With Alzheimer’s having multiple stages and the entire process continuing over many years, this makes the caregiver’s job exhausting.

Should you find yourself in a caregiver role, make time for good nutrition, general self-care, visit your physician and be willing to accept help from friends and family members.

A person with Alzheimer’s is on a journey with each day
different than the last. Successful caregivers are able to be flexible and join that journey—giving up rigid habits and schedules—simply to offer an open mind and heart to help the person with Alzheimer’s have a day that is as pleasant and stress free as possible.

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