Caregiver Education Series

Join Alzheimer’s Texas for this four part series, providing hands-on techniques for daily care of a person with dementia. Stephen Catoe, Certified PAC Trainer and Certified Validation Worker will be presenting this series based on methods pioneered by Teepa Snow and Naomi Feil. “Dementia does not rob a person of their dignity,” says Snow. “Our response...
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“Creating Collages with Elders Living with Dementia: the Possibilities & Benefits are Endless”

By Sue S. Wilson, LMSW, CADDCT, CDP Making a collage involves choosing images, shapes, and ‘bits and pieces’, then arranging them, and gluing them onto a surface. Collages can be wildly complicated, beautifully simple, or anywhere in between. It’s the opportunities to make choices, express preferences and feelings, and create that empowers an individual and gives...
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Recognizing and Preventing Dehydration

Seniors can become highly susceptible to the effects of dehydration often without even noticing. As our bodies age, the brain doesn’t always transmit signals to let us know that we are needing hydration as often as necessary. As every cell, organ and tissue requires water to function properly, dehydration can pose a particular problem in...
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