Age of Disruption Tour

On November 17th, Dr. Bill Thomas, Harvard-trained geriatrician and performer brought his 30-city Age of Disruption Tour to Austin. A diverse group of local leaders attended a luncheon and presentation at Westminster Manor made possible by support from AARP. Dr. Thomas shared about how we can transform the experience of age and aging as well...
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Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor’s Visit

By Dr. Mark Carlson, Be Well MD Geriatrician Learning how to talk to your doctor is likely not something we think about before we go in for a doctor’s appointment. Given the time constraints of our visits, perhaps it should be?  It is important to be prepared for every visit in order to get the most...
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Helping Residents with Dementia Reconnect through the Power of Music

Extensive research has been conducted to support findings that music can positively affect the brain activity and memory of the elderly, ailing, and patients with dementia. A recent study shows that dementia and Alzheimer’s patients can recall memories and emotions, and have enhanced mental performance after listening to music. Patients who have been studied have been...
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