Aging in Good Health

I love living in modern times. The technology and conveniences available to us are extraordinary and one can’t help but be amazed by what’s possible. However, as a physician, those feelings are tempered by the negative effects of these modern conveniences. We enjoy them at potentially significant risks. The world we live in allows us to...
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Help with Property Tax Appraisal Protests

Property tax appraisals for the current year's taxable values were issued recently, and many Texas homeowners witnessed dramatic increases, some as much as 30 percent. Here is a quick “how to” guide on what to expect when protesting your property tax appraisal: 1.) Only formal protests must be filed in writing. Informal (walk-in) and online property tax appraisal...
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How To’s of Communication with Those Suffering From Dementia

How to Speak to Me: Speak slowly and clearly to me. And, unless I have some hearing loss, you really don’t need to speak loudly. Please use simple and familiar words.  How to Communicate With Me: When you approach me, please relax and smile (I can tell if you are tense and your smile reassures me). ...
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