An Investor’s Checklist That Is Not a New Year’s Cliché

2014 is so new that “2013” is still being written on checks, so naturally the air remains filled with dubious New Year’s resolutions. One exception for investors is the American Savings Education Council's (ASEC) matter-of-fact checklist on saving for retirement and other financial concerns you might not be spending enough time thinking about. Here are...
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Is Your Water Bill Leaking?

Even small leaks and drips add up fast. For an average Austin home using 9,000 gallons a month, a dripping faucet can cost more than $10 a month. Here are some tips to help you find any sneaky water wasters in your home. Find Your Water Meter The first place to detect a leak is at the...
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Understanding the Fundamentals of a Brain Health Lifestyle

 By Dr. Paul Nussbaum, National Director of Brain Health, Emeritus Senior Living Dr. Nussbaum has published, taught, and applied his brain health lifestyle during the past decade. The lifestyle includes five major domains or “brain health slices” to an overall brain health pie. These include: Mental Stimulation Physical Activity Nutrition Socialization Spirituality Three of these domains (mental stimulation, physical activity, and socialization)...
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