Help with Property Tax Appraisal Protests

May 18, 2016

Property tax appraisals for the current year’s taxable values were issued recently, and many Texas homeowners witnessed dramatic increases, some as much as 30 percent.

Here is a quick “how to” guide on what to expect when protesting your property tax appraisal:

1.) Only formal protests must be filed in writing. Informal (walk-in) and online property tax appraisal protests may be available in your area. Check with your County Central Appraisal District for more info, including Williamson County and Travis County. The appraisal district has protest forms available, but you don’t have to use an official form. A written notice of protest is sufficient if it identifies the owner, the property, and states that the owner disagrees with the valuation made by the appraisal district.

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