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Fall Prevention

If you’ve experienced a fall, or know someone who has, you are not alone. Did you know that one out of three older adults will experience a fall each year?...

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Home and Auto Insurance Simplified

Home and Auto insurance in Texas provides two primary protections:  (1) Protection for your possessions including your house, cars, belongings, etc (most commonly referred to as “Property Damage Coverage”) and...

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Should You Be a Caregiver?

Before assuming caregiving duties, it is important that caregivers participate in a process that Bernie Siegel, the physician who specializes in self-care for cancer therapy, calls “carefrontation,” a time of...

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An Item’s True Value

Price tags convey the monetary worth of an object, but often times an item’s true value is determined by the lesson it teaches. At first glance, the house hosting the...

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A Cruise Is Fun For All Ages

Millions of people will go on a cruise this year. With so many ports of call around the world and a wide range of activities to interest people of all...

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