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Veteran’s Aid and Attendance Pension Program

As you or your loved one enters a stage of life when assistance is needed to maintain independence and quality of life, you face many financial challenges.  There is a little known benefit...

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What is a Residential or Personal Care Home?

A Residential Care Home is a house in a regular neighborhood, which has been modified with safety devices to meet state regulations. Please be aware that not all residential care homes are licensed by...

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Last Will & Testament

Don’t Let Your Wishes Go Unheard

An advance directive is a living will that allows for the documentation of specific wishes concerning medical treatments for the future. Having an advance directive helps patients and their loved ones 1) protect...

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Five Healthy Living Tips

Your senior years can be some of the best years of your life. Make these years count by being proactive about your health. Maintain a safe environment. Install handrails, sturdy step stools and...

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The Dangers of Social Isolation

Lonely feelings can strike anyone, at any life stage. Social isolation, however, is more than shyness or a tendency toward introversion; it is a state of collapsing social networks and connections. It is...

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