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Medical Equipment Lending Program

Drive a Senior offers rides to senior citizens in Round Rock, Pflugerville and north Austin who have no transportation. Ollie’s Closet, named after longtime volunteer Ollie Leppin, will now be...

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What are the benefits of “Household Community” and “Person-Centered Care” Senior Living?

If “Household Community ” and “Person- Centered Care” for senior adults are new terms for you, then join the club! While both are relatively new, they are catching on like...

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Heat Related Illnesses in Pets

During the summer months cats and dogs, just like their masters, can experience heat related illness.  Cats and dogs cannot release heat by sweating from their bodies because they are...

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When it comes to aging issues, don’t “just live with it.”

Overall aging issues, coronary artery disease, heart conditions, difficulty breathing, hypertension, dementia, osteoporosis and depression are common issues that bring seniors to their physician’s office. Often seniors “just live with...

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What is Compounding?

Compounding is becoming more and more popular to meet individual needs. Be sure to read these FAQ’s to answer any questions or concerns that you might have before making the...

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