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“Creating Collages with Elders Living with Dementia: the Possibilities & Benefits are Endless”

By Sue S. Wilson, LMSW, CADDCT, CDP Making a collage involves choosing images, shapes, and ‘bits and pieces’, then arranging them, and gluing them onto a surface. Collages can be...

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Why Don’t People Treat Their Hearing Loss?

By Dr. Jill Copley, Board Certified Doctor of Audiology and Owner of Total Hearing Care Hearing loss is one of the top health conditions in the world. Some hearing loss...

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Preventing Falls in the Home

Problem Statement Falls among older adults cost the U.S. Healthcare System more than $28.2 billion annually. With the growing number of seniors, the number of falls and the costs to...

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When Is It Time To Get Help?

As your parents age, it can be difficult to know what help they need and who you can trust to give it to them. Be observant of certain signs that...

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Championing the Right to Age Well

(NewsUSA) – In 1967, one of today’s most iconic runners made her mark in history. Despite an angry official who tried to push her off the course of the Boston Marathon,...

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