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Balance – “The Sixth Sense”

Aristotle introduced us to our five senses: sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. But, what about a sixth sense – Balance? Hearing is one of the five senses, which is...

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The Keys to Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Your home may be your most valuable asset and choosing a real estate professional to guide you through the selling process is very important. Fortunately, the real estate community enables...

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Residential Elevators – A Stylish and Useful Investment

While elevators are a requirement for businesses with multi-story facilities, residential installation is becoming increasingly widespread. Nowadays, installing a custom residential elevator is considered a stylish investment that can raise...

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“Now It’s Our Turn” Let’s Do For Them As They Did For Us

Caring for an elderly parent is a major concern for many people. That is when the children have to start making the decisions that the parents have always made. It...

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Medicare Coverage for Hospice Care

Hospice care is usually given in your home. Depending on your terminal illness and related conditions, the plan of care your hospice team creates can include any or all of...

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