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The Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

The goal is to get you out of pain. The bonus is a beautiful smile. Full mouth reconstruction is the rebuliding of most, or all, of your teeth. This may...

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Understanding Medicare and Durable Medical Equipment

So you’ve just turned 65 and those years of working for a living are finally paying off. You are now entitled to Medicare benefits, thanks to the government. So you...

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Should I Have a Will or a Living Trust?

Many people don’t know whether they should have a Will or, instead, a Living Trust. This uncertainty stems from a simple misunderstanding of what these documents do – and don’t...

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Has Your Timeshare Become a Financial Burden?

Over the past 28 years, Ron and Kathy have owned several different Timeshares. Unfortunately, the maintenance fees have increased every year. Many owners were led to believe that when they...

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Previously Sanctioned Salesmen Hit with Order Over Loan Scheme

Texas Securities Commissioner John Morgan entered an Emergency Cease and Desist Order July 17 against individuals in Texas and California who are offering for sale investments purportedly backed by real...

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