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A Place for Your Stuff

No matter your age or stage in life, I find it most instructive to revisit George Carlin’s famous discussion about “A place for your stuff.” It is one of the...

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Medicare Home Health vs. Non-Medical Home Care: What’s the Difference?

Often people ask, “Why do you make seniors pay for home care services, when Medicare covers that at no cost?” Yes, it is confusing!  Medicare is available as a means...

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To Move or Not To Move

You bought your perfect home while in the prime of your life, raised your family there, and finally retired. Suddenly, due to health changes, you find that you can’t manage...

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Tips to Help Downsize and De-Stress Your Move

Space Plan Your New Home – A Senior Move Manager can customize a floor plan for you by measuring your exact furniture and measuring your new home. This is incredibly...

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Family Caregivers May Neglect Their Own Physical Activity Routine

Being a family caregiver has its’ own sets of challenges. However, making time for some physical activity can reduce the chance of many diseases and allows time off for the...

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