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Where to Live with Alzheimer’s

Someone with dementia can no longer live at home when 1) they are a danger to themselves because they wander, can’t take medications safely, or are prone to dangerous activities...

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Why You Need a Specialist

Are you missing any teeth? Removable dentures or bridgework giving you problems? Unable to eat the foods you want? The solution may be easier than you think. When you decide...

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The Benefits of Retirement Living

As the years go by, we start thinking about retirement, and we start asking ourselves, “when is it time to move to a retirement community?” Here are some questions you...

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Comparing the Cost of Homeownership to an Independent Retirement Community

Many senior homeowners have grown up with the idea that they should get their house paid off and settle there for life. In many cases, this is a great plan....

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How Seniors Can Protect Themselves from Fraud

Two basic strategies can help seniors and their families lessen the chances of becoming a victim of investment fraud. One is to Practice Self Defense by following five simple steps. A...

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