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Help with Property Tax Appraisal Protests

Property tax appraisals for the current year’s taxable values were issued recently, and many Texas homeowners witnessed dramatic increases, some as much as 30 percent. Here is a quick “how...

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Fall Prevention

Fall prevention may not seem like a fun topic, but it’s important. As you get older, physical changes and health conditions, and sometimes the medications used to treat those conditions...

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Shopping Online

While it is true that things sold online are often cheaper, very few people stop to think more about that. Lower prices are great for the consumer, right? Maybe not....

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Medicare Coverage for Hospice Care

Hospice care is usually given in your home. Depending on your terminal illness and related conditions, the plan of care your hospice team creates can include any or all of...

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Investor Alert: Pension Advance Scams

If you are receiving regular payments from your pension, keep an eye out for sales pitches that ask you to trade the stability of those payments for the opportunity to...

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