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This Is For You, The Caregiver

I’ve seen it in your eyes, I’ve heard it in your voice, and I’ve read it in your email. You’re stressed. You’re scared. You’re exhausted. You’re at wit’s end. Every...

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Home Care: A List of Frequently Asked Questions

We have assembled a list of the most frequently asked questions to assist you or your loved one in the navigation process of choosing an in home care agency. What...

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The Importance of Friendship

As we age, it is very important to develop new relationships. Our social environment can begin to shrink as family members and friends die or move away and we are...

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Best Years for Home Sales Since 2006-07: Excerpts from Freddie Mac

You’re thinking about selling your home. Maybe you’re retiring, downsizing, or a major life event has made you consider a move. A Seniors Real Estate Specialists (SRES) has unique training...

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Reverse Mortgage is More Versatile than Ever Before

Whether it’s retirement security, funds for extraordinary expenses, or even the purchase of a new home, a reverse mortgage can be the perfect solution. Seniors 62 and over have the...

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