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Section 8 Housing Wait List Openings

Because of the high demand for affordable housing in Austin and the relatively low supply of housing options, both public housing and the HCV Program currently have waiting lists. For...

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Here’s to Your Heart

Good news. A basic understanding of what causes heart conditions such as heart attack and stroke may help you lower your chance for developing heart disease. It all starts with...

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Assistance in caring for a loved one

Caring for one afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease is a huge commitment. The caregiver is usually an aging spouse or adult child who has their own health concerns, full-time jobs, and/or...

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What are Dental Implants and do I need them?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that replace natural tooth roots and support prosthetic teeth (crowns, bridges). The implants are actually titanium posts that are surgically placed in the bone...

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What makes your house a home?

What makes your house a home?  Perhaps it’s the warmth of the atmosphere, as reflected in your home furnishings.  Each decoration is part of an intricate ensemble. Here are some...

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