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Helping Your Loved One Adjust to an In-Home Caregiver

As Alzheimer’s progresses, the person with the disease will likely need a level of supervision and assistance that one caregiver can’t provide without assistance. Often, this situation necessitates that professional...

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Best Identity Theft Protection Services of 2016

By Carolyn Dorant, The Simple Dollar The first thing to know about identity theft protection services is that they don’t actually “protect” you from becoming a victim of ID theft....

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Ways to Help Seniors at Visits to the Doctor

Going alone to a doctor’s appointment can be stressful at any age, but older adults often feel especially intimidated. Having a loved one come along as a healthcare advocate during...

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It’s Not too Late to Get Moving – Exercise Could Help Seniors Stave Off Dementia

It’s the kind of news that could help Mom or Dad get moving! Seniors – even those diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) – could stop cognitive decline with an...

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What Poor Posture May Be Doing to You

(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – Three days. That’s the maximum amount of time doctors are supposed to prescribe opioids for in most cases, according to the new guidelines the Centers for...

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