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SURVEY: Why Do You Live Where You Live?

Austin residents, commuters invited to weigh in on housing choices Austin residents and those who commute to Austin for school or work are invited to participate in a Housing Choice survey. The City...

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older couple

Caring for Dementia Patients

My understanding of the reality faced by caregivers came in an unexpected fashion during a routine office visit by one of my diabetic patients.  Seeing him and his wife was always a pleasure...

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Can Laughter Prevent A Heart Attack?

According to recent research studies, laughing everyday can help prevent a heart attack. During the past 40 years many studies have been done on different personality types and the correlation of increased risk...

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Do You Know About Respite Care?

Respite care may be the best-kept secret in senior healthcare.   Many families care for loved ones with dementia at home, but no one can do it without a break. The challenges of...

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The Caregiver Journey

The caregiving journey can start abruptly with the onset of a serious health condition or it might start with the occurrence of an unexpected heart attack or stroke.  The need for care can...

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