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Ten Ways to Know When It is Time to Make a Change

The decision to place is a thoughtful and kind one – however there can be feeling of grief and guilt. It is important to remember the role of caregiver does...

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Making Good Decisions About the Future

Helping a loved one make good decisions about their future can be a daunting task; one for which you may not feel qualified. These topics are intended to help you...

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Assisted Living…Choosing Between A Large or Small Facility?

Choosing an Assisted Living Facility isn’t a one step process. There are many questions and observations that need to be made. The size of the facility is most critical. Generally,...

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Questions to ask when touring a Skilled Nursing Facility

Choosing a skilled nursing facility is never an easy choice. There are many resources and options available to help make this process as easy as possible. Below are three main...

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Flex your brain and keep your mind fit

  There are many ways to remain strong and fit by walking, lifting weights and performing balance and endurance exercises. However, what are you doing to keep your mind fit?...

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